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On-site Servicing at your Home or Business

We come to you at your home or business. There's no reason to leave your computer at a repair shop for days or weeks and if required wewould take it to the workshop.

System Tune-Up

Many programs install background applications that YOU DON'T NEED AND SLOW DOWN YOUR COMPUTER! If you have a LOT of icons on the taskbar next to your clock display EACH ONE IS A BACKGROUND APPLICATION that is running all the time and robbing you of performance. If your computer used to run fine but now runs sluggish and generates errors then you probably just need a tune-up.

Virus Detection and Removal

Today's viruses are much more tenacious than they used to be. Often deleting an infected file alone will NOT eliminate the problem - many viruses now disguise themselves and hide backup copies that re-infect your system later on. If your computer is acting strangely (running very slow, crashing a lot, sending emails to friends by itself) you may have a virus. Let us remove it for you COMPLETELY and show you how to prevent future infections or attacks.

Data/Software Transfer to New Computer or Hard Drive

Upgrading to a large hard drive or a newer computer? We can move your data & applications to the new drive painlessly and quickly.

Hardware & Software Installation

For a reasonable fee, allow us to install your new peripherals or applications, avoiding problems, conflicts and aggravation.

Small Business Network Designing, Installation and Administration

We can setup your office or home systems on a local area network to share files, printers and Internet connections. Why have a separate printer for each computer in your office or home when you can share one?

Internet Sharing

Share your DSL, cable or dialup Internet connection between 2 or more computers at home or at your place of business.

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