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When you purchase a computer or any peripherals from us, your machine has warranty on parts and labour. However on expiry of this warranty, you can purchase onsite warranty for an annual fee or can keep us on call basis. A great deal! Onsite means we will do our utmost to fix the problem at your place, and if it requires more extensive attention, we will ship it to the service centre for repairs.

We have two types of services available:

  • On Call Service
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts: Support Contracts for businesses and individuals. We sell our skills and knowledge to you. We tailor our support contracts to your needs. From availability to hardware replacement.

Without Spares:

Since many users have experienced that the quality of parts supplied by us are very good and rarely do the componets fail, they would prefer to go for Annual maintenance contracts without spares. In this case the labour is completely free and only cost at actuals of the components if required are charged. Here too we try to solve the problems on site itself but if it requires more extensive attention, we will take it to our workshop repairs. In case of no availability of spares or if repairing is going to take a long time than we do provide you with replacement units.

With Spares:

It is similar to the above services except that everything is included in the charges for the AMC and you need not worry on any other charges at all.